Emilio DiSpirito IV

Specializing in Waterfront Homes


Meet Our Local Owner | East Greenwich & Barrington East Bay

Private Office Advisor | License Partner

Ritz-Carleton Level of Service and Success:

After over one year of trying to sell my unusual waterfront luxury house with a reputable realtor and agency, I decided to give Emilio and the DiSpirito Team a chance to see if their team’s approach might have more success. I was not dissatisfied with the previous realtor; I knew that selling my large rental property would be challenging, especially because during the primary selling season, the house was usually occupied by several generations of a family enjoying a vacation week.

Emilio and his team overcame this obstacle, providing a nice bottle of wine to the guests each time he showed a potential buyer my house. The guests were grateful that his team discretely and quietly showed the buyer the house. I was grateful that nearly every week, the DiSpirito Team was showing my house to a potential buyer, in spite of having to do so while the house was filled with guests.

Because the DiSpirito Team was able to effectively market the house through social media and other means, three times as many people saw the house as when the other realtor from a big name agency was marketing it. When the house had so many potential buyers viewing it and yet no offers were coming in, I knew I could be sure that lowering the price was the correct decision. After reviewing many similar houses in the area, comparing their features with mine, and using the feedback from the many potential buyers who walked through my house, Emilio and I worked together to market the house at a more realistic price.

Shortly thereafter, I happily accepted an offer. The DiSpirito Team was able to effectively sell my unusual home, in spite of it being occupied during nearly every showing and during Covid-19, where open houses were not feasible. I am grateful I took the chance on this lesser-known real estate team. They put in the extra effort necessary to ensure that my house sold at the best price. Thank you.

- John Larochelle, ESQ.

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Meet Our Local Owner | East Greenwich & Barrington East Bay

Private Office Advisor | License Partner

  • Ranked in America's Top 100 List
  • Best of RI Monthly 2020, 2021
  • Ranked in "America's Best" List
  • Top 1% Producing Realtor Nationwide

The License Partner with Engel & Völkers East Greenwich, Emilio matches a decade of real-estate sales experience with a passion for customer service and a no-nonsense approach born of humble beginnings.

Starting his career in business-to-business sales, Emilio sold his first house in 2012 and rapidly rose through the ranks of the real estate world, leading his first team of realtors in 2013 and assuming the mantle of Rhode Island’s first Engel & Völkers agency in 2021. His leadership and dedication to teamwork and support has helped many other real estate advisors launch their careers, including some who have gone on to form their own successful sales teams.

The host of a popular weekly radio show and podcast, the “DiSpirito Team Real Estate Show” airing on 104.7 FM and 920 AM in Rhode Island (and streaming nationally on iHeartRadio), Emilio brings energetic and high-visibility leadership to Engel & Völkers East Greenwich. Emilio knows when situations call for being a fierce advocate for clients, but that passion never comes at the expense of his agency’s integrity or commitment to honest, informed advice — even if that means sometimes telling a client not to sell if the timing or market doesn’t offer the best chance for a successful outcome.

“Being an advisor with Engel & Volkers is so much more than selling someone a home. It’s introducing them to our community! It’s ensuring they get the window seat at the best restaurant, that the contractor actually shows up to fix their roof years down the road and that their children are growing up in a safe and wonderful place. I’m a connector."

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